How are we meant to live in this world?
A place that has been blinded by hatred and sorrow
Where love is scarce
There’s no solution or cure
But yet we have to live
Walking down rows of empty pavements trying to find where we belong



Being stuck in a queue in a shop is how it feels to be depressed. Frustrated and hot but not being able to move if you want to achieve your goal. In this case the goal is life and you must struggle through unless you want to cut out early. Surrounded by strangers, isolated, it’s a nightmare. Those at the front are the lucky ones nearly free from the trauma but the newcomers at the back are the ones who’s struggles have just begun.

Bullet for you

I wonder what it is like to put a bullet in someone
Watch it pierce their veil of skin
And let the crimson waved roll out
I wonder what it is like to watch their body fall to the ground while their soul remains standing
The echoing noise of screams mixing in with my sinister laugh
These thoughts make me wonder whether I would smile when I walked away from your body. I wonder…